History, some love it and some hate it.  But if you love history or it is required for you to learn history then you are in the right place. I will tell you about different YouTube channels and websites to learn history online. You will get the answer to the question Where To Learn History in this blog.

Advantages Of Learning History

There are many advantages of learning history. I will mention some of them.

  1. Developing an understanding of the world.
  2. Become a more rounded person.
  3. Learn from mistakes.
  4. Become Inspired.

You can read more about the benefits here.

Where To Learn History

As I talked about earlier I will tell you about different online resources to learn history online. I will talk about these things.

  • Two Youtube Channels
  • Two Websites

Learn History Through Youtube

Youtube is the best place to learn anything online. Yes, you can learn anything. It can be WordPress, Digital Marketing or any other thing like History. So use it to learn what you love. So these two channels can help you to learn history using youtube.

  • Crash Course(World History)
  • Crash Course (European History)
  • Dekho Suno Jano (Bonus)

Crash Course

Where To Learn History Crash Course

Crash Course is a youtube channel with 12.7 million subscribers. They have many courses but I will talk about World History and European History courses.

World History

There World History course has a total of 42 videos. And the duration of each video is near to 12 minutes so you can say the total course duration is nearly 8 hours.

Some topics that are included in this course:

  • The Agricultural Revolution

  • The Silk Road and Ancient Trade

  • Russia, the Kievan Rus, and the Mongols

  • The Amazing Life and Strange Death of Captain Cook

  • Communists, Nationalists, and China’s Revolutions

You can start taking this course from here.

European History

Now, if you want to learn European History then you can take this course. This course has a total of 51 videos. And the total duration is nearly 12 hours.

Some topics that are included in this course:

  • Medieval Europe

  • Commerce, Agriculture, and Slavery

  • The Rise of Russia and Prussia

  • Expansion and Resistance

  • World War II Civilians and Soldiers

You can start taking this course from here.

Dekho Suno Jano

Dekho Suno Jano will be the best channel if you can understand Urdu. This channel has a lot of videos regarding different historical topics. Such as there is a playlist of the Ottoman Empire, History Of Pakistan and History Of China.

Learn History Through Websites

There are many websites that can teach you History. Some of the apps are:

  • Wikipedia
  • Khan Academy


You may know about Wikipedia. It is an encyclopedia. You can learn about historical events and historical figures etc by using Wikipedia. There is a History Section on Wikipedia you can also check. Wikipedia is a good way to learn History. And can also cross-check the historical facts. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online course website. You can learn many things from there. In this blog, I will only talk about history courses. You can learn US History from there. There is also a course named World History Project-1750. You can also do this to learn history. You can also download Khan Academy Application.


Learning History is fun and has some advantages too. I hope you will like this article and share this with your friends too. Thanks for reading. And to learn about Language Learning click here How To Learn Languages Online


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