You are free and you want to do something productive. I have an idea for you. Learn any new language. Learning a new language is very interesting and you can spend your free time learning.  I share some ways to learn languages online.

Learn Languages Online

Now, I will talk that how to learn Arabic,  learn Turkish or learn many other languages. There are many resources online to learn a language. You can learn a language at your home.

I will talk about these two resources.

  1. Learn a language through a website.
  2. Learn a language through an application.

Learn a language through a website.

There are different websites that can help you in learning a new language. I will talk about two websites in this post.

  1. Duolingo
  2. Learn A Language


Learn Language Online Through Duolingo

I personally use Duolingo for learning a new language.  It is a very good app. You can learn many languages including:

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Italian
  5. Chinese and many more.

It has many different lessons.

It has also different leagues where you can compete with different people.

Try Duolingo.

Learn a Language

You can use this website to learn many languages. It includes English, French, Spanish and many other languages.

If we talk about learning the Spanish language then there are many options in it. You can learn different words, phrases and verbs etc. There is also a Spanish course section from where you can do many things.

Try Learn A Language.

Learn a Language through an Application

Now I will talk about two apps to learn a language. And for me, it is the best way to learn a language because you can learn with ease at any time.

As I talked earlier about Duolingo. You can also download their app.

Install Duolingo.

Duolingo is my favourite. I will talk about two other apps to learn a language online.

  1. Learn 50 Languages
  2. Mondly

Learn 50 Language

You can use learn 50 languages to learn many different languages. When you install it. First, you select which language you speak and which language you want to learn. Then you can learn your desired language.

There is a phrasebook where you can learn a language through many topics like people, family members and numbers etc. It has also many other options like alphabets, Vocabulary games and a quiz.

Install Learn 50 Language


When you install Mondly and open it, the app will show a screen to select a language you speak and select a language you wanted to learn. You can choose your level, Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Now there are some options to learn a language. There are different lessons. There is a daily lesson. There is also a Chatbot so you can practice more. But you cannot talk about all things with this chatbot.

There are other things too that you can find in this app.

Install Mondly


We talked about different websites and apps to learn a language. My favourite is Duolingo. Check these websites and apps.

Comment below that which language you want to learn online.

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