Digital marketing is a good way to make money online. You can work for some company, can do freelance work or can use digital marketing to promote your business online etc.

It includes many things like social media marketing and email marketing etc. So now the question is how to Learn Digital Marketing Online. I will share some resources with you.

Learn Digital Marketing Online

I will talk about two ways:

  1. Learn Digital Marketing Through Udemy
  2. Learn Digital Marketing Through Youtube

Learn Digital Marketing through Udemy

You probably heard of Udemy. It is a course provider. You can learn many things from this website.

Digital Marketing is one of them. Some courses are free and some are paid. Now I will talk that how can you make an account on udemy and how to enrol for the course.

  • Go to udemy.
  • Click on sign up if you do not have an account.
  • After creating the account, choose the course.
  • On categories, hover on marketing then click on digital marketing.
  • On the right side, you can click on free to get all the free courses.
  • For example, there is a link to one course.

This is just one example of course. You can find many courses in udemy.

Learn Digital Marketing Through Youtube

This is the second option to learn digital marketing online. There are many youtube channels that can teach you digital marketing. I will talk about these channels.

  • Edureka
  • Intellipat
  • Hisham Sarwar(For Urdu and Hindi)


The course by this channel had 333k views. The course is nearly 8 hours long. The one comment on this course by croma campu says:

That’s the full course of digital markeing for students who can’t purchase courses and learn from this course.

If you want to learn from this course then click here.


The course by them is nearly 10 hours long. It has 494k views. The one comment on this video by Pampana Rahul says:

Thank you so much sir.. thank you intellipat for this amazing video.

Click here and learn from this course.

Hisham Sarwar

This course is in Urdu and will be great for Urdu and Hindi speakers. It is in the form of a playlist and has 122 videos. You can check a course.


Digital Marketing is a good skill to learn. And it is great that you can learn it at your home and for free. I just advise you to also practice it with learning. Thanks for reading the post. Share this with your friends.

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