You can see online that what people are searching on google in 2021. Yes, you can absolutely do this. You can see all the details for free. Having this knowledge can help you if you want to know what people are searching for. So in this post, I am going to tell you about how to see google trends 2021. And some other things.

How Do Google Trends Work? Google trends is a website by Google that can help you to see that for any particular thing, how much people are searching on google. There may be some other things too.

And google trends 2021 can help you to see what is trending on google in 2021.

How To See Google Trends 2021

The process to see google trends 2021 is very simple and easy.

I will guide you by using a desktop computer.

  • Go to google trends.
  • Scroll down a bit.
  • Click on the year in search 2021. When you scroll down, it will be visible.

google trends 2021: year in search 2021

  • Now you can see what is trending in 2021.
  • You can change the location and can see the trends according to the location selected. You can also see the trends globally.

  • Also, watch the video that will be on top if you are interested.

You can go to this link and can see different trends along with the months in which they are trending.

So these are the simple steps to how to see google trends 2021.

Using Google Trends

Now you learned, how to see what trends on google? I am now going to tell you some things about how you can use google trends.

The first thing you may ask is, what does google trends tell you? So in my opinion, the simple answer is that it tells you what people are searching for and for any particular thing, how much searching is on google. And there may be some other things available on this website too.

How To Use It? I will tell you about some things. Just go to the website. You can see what is trending, and you can write something and see how it is trending.

You can use filters if you want to do so. Like changing location.

How To Use Google Trends For Marketing

Google trends can help you for marketing purposes. How? Because you can see what people are searching for, you can do marketing according to it. 

For example, there can be a different name for some same things. And you can type all these in google and can see what people are searching for most.

Now you can choose from them according to your choice.

Some Google Trends In 2021

I will tell you some things that are on top trending on google in 2021 globally.

  • The search is Australia vs India.
  • News in Afghanistan.
  • The game is popcat.

Now for the United States, these are some top trending:

  • The top Search is NBA.
  • Top news is mega millions.
  • Game is among us.
  • The top movie is the black widow
  • The TV show is squid game

If you want to see more, go to this link.

In this post, I tell you that How To Know What Trends On Google In 2021?  I tell you, how you can use google trends, and how can use it for marketing and at last I tell you about some google trends 2021.

I hope now you know, how to see google trends 2021 and how to use google trends.

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