Do You Know what is Your Personality Type?

You can see that not all of your friends, family members and relatives have the same personality type.

Some people are shy, some are confident and some are very sensitive, some are not much sensitive etc.

In this post, I am going to tell you how can you check what is your personality type and how you can learn more about it.

16 Personality Types

There are different types of personality tests and I am going to talk about MBTI. There are 16 personality types according to this type.

There may be more types of these 16 types.

Names Of 16 Personality Types

So the names of these 16 types are:

  1. ISTJ
  2. ISTP
  3. ISFJ
  4. ISFP
  5. INFJ
  6. INFP
  7. INTJ
  8. INTP
  9. ESTP
  10. ESTJ
  11. ESFP
  12. ESFJ
  13. ENFP
  14. ENFJ
  15. ENTP
  16. ENTJ

What Is Your Personality Type?





Now you learned that there are 16 types. Which one is yours? To check this you can take online tests.

There are different tests available online such as:

Learn More About Your Personality Type

Now, you have checked what is your personality type. You may also get a report and check it and have learned about your personality type.

I am going to tell you about some other resources to learn more about your personality type.

The resources are:

  1. Very Well Mind ( Website)
  2. Introvert Dear ( Website)
  3. Frank James ( Youtube Channel)

    Very Well Mind

    Basically, there are different types of posts on this website. And to read about your personality type. Just click on search and write your personality type. Probably, they have a post about your personality type. What I checked is that they have posted about 9 or 10 types but not on all.

    Very Well Mind

    Introvert Dear

    This website focus on introverts as you can see by the name. So it also only focuses on the introvert personality types.

    If your personality type is introvert then check this website.

    You can read about your personality type by hovering over on personality on this website and then clicking on your personality type.

    Introvert Dear

    Frank James

    From this youtube channel, you can watch different videos about personality types. The videos are interesting. Probably in most of the videos you can see how different types will behave in different scenarios.

    There are also videos other than 16 personality types.

    You can check the channel by clicking here. Frank James

    Important Point

    I want to tell you that there may be an inaccurate result of the test or maybe the test doesn’t evaluate you accurately. Or you may see different results while taking different tests or maybe while taking the same test (retest) you will see different results.

    As for the resources I provided, I am not sure whether these are accurate or not.


    I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you find this post interesting then share it with your friends.

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