Searching for quiz games for android and iPhone? If yes then you are at the right place. In this post, I am going to tell you some trivia and quiz games. Install those games that you like and start playing those that you like.

Why Should You Play Quiz Games

In my opinion, these can be some reasons to play quiz games:

  1. If the quiz is multiplayer then you can play with different people.
  2. You can learn about different things along with fun.

There can be more reasons too.

Trivia And Quiz Games For Android And iPhone

In this post, I am going to talk about 5 trivia and quiz games. The name of the games are:

  1. Triviador
  2. Quizefy – Live Group, 1v1, Single Play Trivia Game
  3. Trivia 360: Single-player & Multiplayer quiz game
  4. World Map Quiz
  5. Math Quiz


Cover art

This trivia game is very interesting. Not like many other quiz games. You have to answer questions in a fun and like in strategy way.

You have a castle and you have to protect it and your area by answering the right questions. And this makes it different from other quiz and trivia games.

Maybe there will be some trivia or quiz games like it.

You can play this fun trivia game with your friends too. So what are you waiting for, install this game and start playing Triviador.

Install Triviador For Android.

Install Triviador For iPhone.


Cover art

In this game you can play quiz single-player or with anyone.

I have played the multiplayer game and The concept of the multiplayer game is simple. You have to answer the questions and for this right, you will earn points.

The one with more points will win the game.

There are many topics in this game this is very good. Some examples of topics are British History, US History, Basic Spanish and Languages of the world. These are just some examples and if you are interested in this game then install it.

Install Quizefy For Android.

Install Quizefy For iPhone.

Trivia 360

Cover art

The game’s design is very good. And the game is also good. You can play a game with someone and with your friends too. You can also play solo.

You can also compete with others people in ranking.  And you can add questions too in this app.

There are also daily challenges in this app.

I talk about Quizefy that which has many topics but this app has no topics.

Install Trivia 360 For Android.

Install Trivia 360 For iPhone.

World Map Quiz

World Map Quiz. Included in Quiz Games For Android

If you are searching for a map quiz game then this World Map Quiz is good. There are different modes in it such as Countries, Capitals, Flags, Cities and Ocean And Seas. If you are interested in it then install this quiz.

Install World Map Quiz For Android.

Install Word Map Quiz For iPhone.

Math Quiz

Cover art

If you are a math lover then you may like this quiz. This quiz is simple and you can also use it offline. There is no multiplayer option in this game.

You have to answer math questions.

If you are interested in this Quiz then install Math Quiz For Android.

I do not find this game on the App Store.

If you are using App Store then install this game. But this app may be different from Math Quiz.


In this post, I talk about some trivia and quiz games for android and iPhone.

  • Install Triviador if you want a unique and different game.
  • Quizefy can help you if you are searching for an app with many topics.
  • Install Trivia 360 if you want a good design game.
  • World Map Quiz, if you are searching for a world map quiz. 
  • The math quiz game is for those who love math.

I hope this post will help you. Share this post with your friends.

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