Sometimes you may think that you need training for your brain. Yes, you can have training for your brain and you can also do it online. In this post, I will talk about some free brain training games.

 If you are searching for brain training games, Congratulations, You are at the right place. 

Does Brain Training Games Work

In my opinion, yes these games work. According to my opinion, these games can help you. It can also help you in getting rid of overthinking. 

You can also visit the post on another website where you can read the 5 Main Benefits of Brain Training Games. 

List Of Free Brain Training Games

Now I am going to share some brain training games that you can install on your mobile for free.

  1. Neuronation
  2. Brain Training
  3. Brain Training Logic Puzzles
  4. Smarter
  5. MindPal


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I used this app by myself too. And it is very useful. This app or brain training game provides you with different games for memory, attention and speed etc. 

You can also pay for the premium version. I just used the free version and it is also good.

There are some sessions in this game and after these sessions, you can say there is a test and when you give the test it tells you where you stand in different things such as memory and speed. I think there is also a test when you first time uses that app.

I will suggest you, install this game.

Install NeuroNation On Android.

Install NeuroNation On iPhone.

Brain Training

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This game provides you with different brain games. And what I like about this game is that it is very simple and easy to use. And the games load fast.

The game provides different games in a free version with levels in each game.

Some of the games are Memory Power, Remember Faces and Math Skill etc.

Some of the games will be locked. And you can use medals to unlock them. Medals can be earned by the games that are unlocked. Or you can pay to unlock the games.

Install Brain Training On Android.

Brain Training Logic Puzzles

play Free Brain Training Games using this app

This brain training app is like other apps. But What I think the difference is many different types of games are available with levels. Different types of games are available so it is hard for you to get bored with this app.

You can also see leaderboards in this app by signing in.

Install Brain Training Logic Puzzles On Android.

Install Brain Training Logic Puzzles On iPhone.


I also used this app and I found it good. There are different brain training games available in this app such as Color coordination, memory, Accuracy and Dexterity. And there are levels in these games.

You can also choose daily training. And can play this every day.

There is also a multiplayer mode available in this app. I think this multiplayer mode differentiates this game from other brain training games.

Install Smarter On Android.


You can use this app for free and can also pay for the pro version.

There is a workout in this app and you can do it.

It includes these areas, Memory, Attention, Language, Math, Flexibility, Speed, and Problem Solving.

Install MindPal On Android.

Install MindPal On iPhone.


In this post, I mainly talked about some brain training games. I hope this post will help you. And if this post helps you then share this with your friends.

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