Why have to go outside and buy a book when you have an option to read a book on your device. I am not saying that never buy a book. And I am in favour of reading a book actually in hard version. I am just talking about an option that you can read online. And when you cannot buy a book then read online. There are many resources available that can help you to read on your smartphone or laptop etc. You can read books, articles and news etc online.


Read Articles and Blogs Online

You can read different articles and blogs online. There are many websites that post them. You can read about multiple things according to your interest. Like you can read about politics, sports or gaming etc. You can read about sports on this website. And also visit their the main website to read about different things. You can also visit wiki how to read about how to do different things. Wikipedia is also a  good option.

Read News Online

read online

If you want to read the news and you don,t have a newspaper in the hard form then do not worry. In this modern era, many newspapers also publish their news online. Some publish the whole newspaper, some publish post by post and some may do both things. And some are just running only online news websites and some news channels also publish the news on there website etc. You can read the news on BBC website by clicking here. Below I will share the names of some news websites.

Read Stories Online

There are many apps available on google play store and app store where you can read stories online. According to me, the most famous app is Wattpad. It is like youtube for readers. Many people post there stories there. You can also write one.  Download the app and start reading online.

You can also try this app to read stories.


Reading is a great thing. It has many advantages. And you can read online too. I have just shared limited resources above. If you like to read online then there are many other options too. If you like this article then share this with your friend.

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