Microsoft Excel is a very popular spreadsheet software. You may be a student and want to use it, or you may be want to use it for your work. There can be any reason. Important thing is to use it. And probably you are thinking about how to use it. No problem, there are many online courses available online. And you may ask can I learn excel online for free? Yes, you can learn it for free. Now read about Courses To Learn Microsoft Excel.

Courses To Learn Microsoft Excel

There are many online courses to learn Microsoft Excel for free. So if you are interested in learning it, why are you waiting then, start learning.

How To Learn Microsoft Excel? I will talk about 3 websites that will help you.

  1. Youtube
  2. Udemy


I think youtube is a very good place to learn many things for free. You can learn website development, graphic design, Microsoft Excel and many other things for free from youtube, Now you know you can learn using Youtube. But which channels and which videos to watch.

I will help you with this.

If you are a beginner and searching for how to learn Microsoft Excel for beginners? This video may help you. 

This video is longer than 2 hours and views are more than one million. In their description they say:

You will learn how to – enter data, – navigate through a spreadsheet, – create formulas to solve problems, – create charts and graphs, – understand relative vs absolute references, – import and export data, – implement VLOOKUP, – use pivot tables, – split and concatenate text, – and more.

This course is by Simplilearn. This course has more than 40k views and it is more than 6 hours long. Below is the course. I  hope it will help you too.


Udemy is an online course website. Both paid and free courses are available about different things. And I will focus on excel. You can also search about courses on your own. Willing To Do Free Online Courses? Check Udemy

So I will share links to two excel courses.

This is the first course Useful Excel for Beginners.

This is the second course Excel: From beginner to intermediate.


So this post guide you about Free Courses To Learn Microsoft Excel. And I share two from youtube and two from Udemy. I hope if you are interested in learning excel then this post will help you.

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