Are you searching for apps? If yes then this post is for you. In this post, I will tell you about 10 android apps.

These will be android apps; if they are also available for iPhone, then I will also provide the link for iPhone.

List Of 10 Android Apps

  1. 135 Todo List: Manage Daily Tasks for Productivity
  2. 30 Days Fitness Challenge
  3. Water Reminder – Remind Drink Water
  4. All-In-One Calculator
  5. Atom: Meditation for Beginners
  6. Duolingo: language lessons
  7. Earphone Alarm
  8. I am – Daily affirmations
  9. BBC Learning English
  10. Historical Calendar

135 Todo List: Manage Daily Tasks for Productivity

The purpose of this app is to write daily tasks. You can write:

  • 1 Big Thing
  • 3 Medium Things
  • 5 Little Things

You can add tasks for any day, like today and tomorrow etc.

You can also enable the option ” Automatic task carry over”.

It will automatically copy incomplete tasks from the last list viewed to today’s list.

You can also copy tasks to any other day.

Install 135 Todo List: Manage Daily Tasks for Productivity for Android.

For iPhone, I found another app.

Install Rocket 135: To-Do List & Tasks for iPhone.

30 Days Fitness Challenge

Do you want to do exercise at home? If yes then this app will be helpful. There are different workouts in this app. These are:

  1. Full Body Workout
  2. Abs Workout
  3. Arm Workout
  4. Butt Workout
  5. Leg Workout

Each workout has these plans:

  1. Easy 1
  2. Easy 2
  3. Medium 1
  4. Medium 2
  5. Hard 1
  6. Hard 2

Each plan has 30 days.

There is also a meal plan in this app.

Install 30 Days Fitness Challenge for Android.

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Water Reminder – Remind Drink Water

Do you want reminders to drink water? If yes then this app can help you. This app can remind you to drink water.

And after drinking water, you can confirm on this app that you drink it.

You can specify the cup to record the water, you drink.

Install Water Reminder – Remind Drink Water for Android.

Install Water Reminder – Remind Drink Water for iPhone.

All-In-One Calculator

Searching for a good calculator for your mobile? Try this calculator.

This calculator provides two layouts. Simple and Scientific.

There are many things available in this app other than a  basic calculator.

These are:

  1. Algebra
  2. Geometry
  3. Unit Converters
  4. Finance
  5. Health
  6. Some other things are also available.

Install All-In-One Calculator for Android.

Atom: Meditation for Beginners

This app is for meditation. A simple and easy-to-use app. Every day you can do meditation using it.

After doing meditation, you also grow a tree in your forest in this app.

You can set up a reminder to do meditation.

If you are searching for a meditation app, then this app is a good choice. I am also using this app nowadays.

Install Atom: Meditation for Beginners for Android.

Duolingo: language lessons

Do you want to learn a language? Duolingo can help you. There are many languages that are available in this app.

Some languages are:

  1. Spanish
  2. Chinese
  3. Arabic
  4. Turkish
  5. French

It has also different leagues where you can compete with different people.

This app is good for learning a language. I am also learning Turkish and Arabic from this app.

Install Duolingo: language lessons for Android.

Install Duolingo: language lessons for iPhone.

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Earphone Alarm

The purpose of this app is simple.

Sometimes you want to make an alarm that only you can hear like if you are in the library and you want to set an alarm to get up from the library.

But you are also thinking that your phone alarm will disturb everyone in the library.

You can use this app to make the alarm ring only in your earphone.

In settings, you have an option to choose what will happen if earphones are not connected. There are two options:

  1. Use the smartphone speaker
  2. Do not trigger alarm

Install Earphone Alarm for Android.

I am – Daily affirmations

It is an affirmation app. You can read affirmations using this app.

You can set reminders on this app.

You can wishlist affirmations.

Install I am – Daily affirmations for Android.

Install I am – Daily affirmations for iPhone.

BBC Learning English

This app is good for learning English online for free. Videos in this app can make you learn English.

You can watch videos related to Business English, Learn with the news and Grammar etc.

I think there is also a quiz below some videos.

Install BBC Learning English for Android.

Install BBC Learning English for iPhone.

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Historical Calendar

Do you have an interest in history?

In this app, you can read about history that what happened on a particular day.

Filter option is also available in this app.

You can read about births and deaths etc.

There is also a quiz mode. You can test your history knowledge.

Install Historical Calendar for Android.


In this post, I tell you about 10 apps. I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you don’t want to install and try all these apps and want to know about some apps then, I suggest you check these apps:

  1. Duolingo: language lessons
  2. Atom: Meditation for Beginners
  3. 30 Days Fitness Challenge

Share this post with your friends. Comment below that which app do you like the most? 

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If you know about some great app, then share about it in the comment section.

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