Do you remember your best friend from 5th class? Is the contact with your old best friend lost? Do you want to know how to find old friends online for free?

Do you want to connect with your old friends but have no contact details?

Then this post is going to help you. In this post, I am going to tell you some ways through which you can find your old friends.

Read this post and start finding your old friends.

Ways To Find Old Friends

I will talk about some ways to find old friends.

These are the ways.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Search


I think Facebook is the number 1 social media platform. Many people have an account on Facebook.

Your friend can be in those people.

To find your old friend through Facebook. Follow these steps.

  • Write your friend’s name here. If you know the full name then write the full name.
  • For example, I am writing my name. Click on the first one.

  • Click on people that are on the left side.


  • Now you can filter the results.


  • If you think that maybe your friend will be on the friend list of any Facebook friend then enable this option.
  • Then there is a city option. Most probably you know the city of your friend. So write the city name.
  • Select where your friend studied.
  • If you know where he works then select the company.

So these are the steps to finding old friends using Facebook. Use this way and tell in the comments that did you found your old friend?

I hope that you will find an old friend using this way.

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Linkedin is also a social media platform.  What LinkedIn Is Used For?

To find him on Linkedin follow these steps.

  • Write your friend’s name.
  • Click on see all results.

  • Click on people.

  • Now by using these options you can find your friend.
  • You can use the connection option.
  • You can select the Location option.

  • You can also use the current company option to filter the results.

And you can also click on all filters to get more options.

After doing all the settings that you want to do in all filters, click on show results.

So this is the way to find an old friend using Linkedin.

Google Search

Google Search is also a good option to find old friends.

Follow these steps to find an old friend through a google search.

  • Click enter
  • Now you can see the results. Maybe you find your old friend’s detail on any website.
  • In my opinion images and videos will be the easy way.

See the videos and images. You may find details about your friend from them.


I hope this post will be helpful to find your old friend. If you find your old friend through these ways then comment on this post.

Thanks for reading the post.

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