Can You Write Well? Do You Like Writing And Want To Make Money With It? If yes then this topic will be helpful for you and you are going to read about that how to start a blog and make money.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

So there are different options to start a blog online. I am going to talk about two options. You can choose whatever suits you.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

Start Blogging With WordPress

Here I am talking about It is a popular content management system. You can create a blogging website with it. How can you start a blogging website?

First, you need to buy hosting and a domain name. You can buy it online from many hosting providers like Bluehost.

Then you have to install WordPress on it. And after that simply start writing.

If you don’t want to buy a domain and hosting and want to practice then free hosting will be helpful for you.

You may be thinking that details are not enough. Yes, you are right. Actually, I have already written some posts about WordPress. And these are some of them.

Start Blogging With Blogger

Blogspot or blogger is by Google. Here you can create a blog for free.

So how to do it?

  1. Go to blogger
  2. Click on create your blog.
  3. Sign up using a google account.
  4. Choose a name for your blog.
  5. Choose an address.
  6. Write your display name.
  7. The blog is created easily.

Now you can write posts by clicking on a new post.

How To Make Money With Blogging

What is your purpose behind blogging? there can be any purpose but what if there are a lot of traffic on your blog. You can also make money with your blog. How can you do it? I will talk about two methods here.

  1. Run Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing

Run Ads

There are many online programs that run ads on websites and in return pay the owner. So you can also start ads on your website. But traffic matters. If there will be low traffic on your website then probably the ads program will not be approved or if it is approved there maybe not high amount of money.

Some of the programs are:

  • Adsense
  • Infolinks

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? In affiliate marketing, you are marketing someone else products. When someone buys the product with your reference you will earn money.

So to make money with affiliate marketing. You will put a link to a specific product on your blog.

And when someone buys from your link you will earn money.

Want To Earn Online? Learn Affiliate Marketing Online


I hope now you are clear about that how to start a blog. Share this post with your friends. If you have any questions then ask in the comments.

Thanks For Be With The Post And For Reading It.



Ryan Biddulph · 19/05/2022 at 11:29 pm

Good job Muhammad. You covered the basics here. Prospering through blogging is simple but requires patience, persistence and being generosity. Most bloggers come up short with each fundamental for they struggle with mindset, being stingy, impatient and lacking persistence. Go within, keep things simple and prosper.

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