Do you want to learn WordPress online? If yes, then you can try youtube.

I talk about WordPress in some of my posts like I talk about websites to learn WordPress. And I also talk about how to develop a website. You can check these posts. Check These 4 Websites To Learn WordPress and How To Develop A Website: Create Your Own Website.  Now in this post, I will talk about some youtube channels from where you can learn WordPress. Read this post and learn WordPress from youtube.

Learn WordPress From Youtube

I will talk about 3 youtube channels to learn WordPress.

  1. Create a Pro Website
  2. WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials
  3. Tyler Moore

Create a Pro Website

This channel has 327K subscribers. And as the name suggests you can learn about creating a website. From this channel, you can learn How to create an e-commerce store and How to make money with a website etc.

And in my review, this channel is good to learn WordPress. You can learn easily.

WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials

I think WP Beginner is the number one website that talks about WordPress. And they also have a youtube channel, where they upload videos about WordPress. If you know about the website, then you may also know that they guide different things about WordPress.

Visit the youtube channel of WP Beginner.

Tyler Moore

You can learn WordPress from this channel also.

You can watch videos about WordPress from this channel such as you can watch How To Make an Appointment Booking Website and How To Make a Website in 10 Minutes – 2019 – Absolute Beginners


In this post, I share 3 youtube channels from where you can learn WordPress. I hope this post will help you.

Share this post with your friends and comment below that which youtube channel you like the most to learn WordPress and if I don,t mention your favourite channel then tell me in the comments.

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