You are running a business and thinking to create a website for a business. Or you can write about something and you are searching how you can create a website and write there. There may be any other reason to develop a website and I am here to guide you on how can you create your own website. 

How Can You Develop A Website





The first question you may ask is how can I develop a website? There are ways to develop a website.

  • You can use coding.
  • You can use Blogger and I think it will be only suitable if you want to write about something.
  • You can use systems such as WordPress, Wix or Weebly etc.

There may be some more ways to develop a website.

 I will talk about to develop a website. 

If you are thinking that is building a website hard? No, in my opinion, the basics of WordPress are easy to learn. There can be some things that you find hard or you may find things hard when you learn WordPress in advance.

Requirements to create a website

First, let’s discuss what you need to develop a WordPress website. 

You need a domain and hosting.

What I understand about domain and hosting is

  • That A domain is like a name and address of your website such as the domain of this website is
  • And hosting is like the place where your website files are stored.  Hosting makes your website live on the internet.

You can learn more about hosting and domain from the below-mentioned posts:

You have to buy a domain and hosting. You can buy it from two different places and link them or buy them from one place. I buy them from one place. There are many hosting companies such as Bluehost and Hostbreak.

I use Hostbreak and if you want to use Hostbreak then click here.

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Start creating your WordPress website





Now the main thing is creating your website. After you have purchased a domain and hosting. You can create a website.

  • Buy domain and hosting.
  • After buying it, WordPress may be automatically installed by your hosting company.
  • If the WordPress is not installed then there may be a WordPress installer option that will be available from your host.
  • If you cannot see the WordPress installer option then go to Cpanel.
  • Click on Softaculous apps installer.
  • Click on WordPress.
  • And then install WordPress.

Now how can to see the WordPress dashboard.

Type wp-admin after your domain. And you can then enter the WordPress admin area. Now start working on your WordPress website.

Learn About WordPress

If you want to learn about WordPress then visit these youtube channels.

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In this post, I talked about that how you can develop a website.

And now you may be thinking that creating a website is not hard.

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