What To Do On Holidays? If there are holidays and you have nothing to do and you are bored and wasting your holiday then listen, there are many things available that you can do on holiday. And I will talk about some online things. Just read the post and start doing those things to do that you will like. I am going to share 9 things with you.

What To Do On Holidays?

There are many online things to do. You can learn things, you can play games and many other things.

I am going to talk about 9 things. And the main topics will be:

  1. Learn Online
  2. Try Some Things

Learn Online

If you are free and want to learn something but don’t want to go to any institution then you can also learn it online, if that specific thing is available. If you are not sure that what should you learn, you can try these things.

  1. Learn A New Language
  2. Increase Your General Knowledge
  3. Start learning English
  4. Learn Digital Marketing

Learn A New Language






If you are interested to learn Chinese, Spanish, Turkish or any other language then start learning a new language. There are websites and apps available from where you can learn a language. 

I mainly use Duolingo to learn a language.

Duolingo For Android.

Duolingo For iPhone.

You can also read my other post, How To Learn Languages Online.

Increase Your General Knowledge





If you want to increase your general knowledge then you can also do it online. There are some online resources available that can increase your general knowledge. You can Youtube and Quora etc.

You can read this post, Do You Want To Increase General Knowledge Online?

Start Learning English





If you want to learn English, then you can also do it online. And for learning English many resources are available. There are websites, apps and youtube videos that can help you to learn English.

You can try the BBC Learning app.

BBC Learning English For Android.

BBC Learning English For iPhone.

You can also read my other posts, Learn New English Words Everyday and  Not Good At English: Learn English Online For Free.

Learn Digital Marketing

digital marketing





Digital Marketing is a good skill to learn and you can learn it online. You can also make money by using this skill.

I have also written a post that is Learn Digital Marketing Online.

Check Udemy 

(I count this one as the fifth thing). If you are searching for some other course then you can check Youtube and Udemy etc.

What Is Udemy? It is a website from where you can learn many things. Both paid and free courses are available. You can learn different things. If you are interested in Udemy and want to learn more about it then read this post, Willing To Do Free Online Courses? Check Udemy.

You can also download the Udemy app.

Try Some Things

These are some things that you can do online.

  1. Play Multiplayer Games 
  2. Read Online
  3. Start Freelancing
  4. Watch Virtual Reality Videos

Play Multiplayer Games 





There are many multiplayer games available. You can play these games with your friends if the game has this feature.

If you are searching for multiplayer games then read this post. What Games To Play With Friends Online Free

Read Online





Do you know that you can read online? If you want to read more about this topic then read this post, You Can Read Online

Start Freelancing





Freelancing is a good way to earn money. And you can do it. Many people are doing it.

And if you want to learn Freelancing then read this post. Learn Freelancing Online

Watch Virtual Reality Videos





If you have a virtual reality headset then start watching virtual reality videos on Youtube. You can also watch VR videos without a headset but in my opinion, it will look more good with a headset.


If you have holidays and nothing to do then try these online things. Start learning something or start doing something. Do anything you like to do.

And there are many things you can do online. And this website talks about things you can do online. So continuously visit this website and read about things you can do online.

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