Hi, In this post I am going to tell you some resources from where you can learn English words every day. So, if you want to learn new English words, read this post, Learn New English Words everyday.

Maybe there will be words that you will already know.

Learn New English Words Everyday

I will talk about these resources in this post.

  1. Apps
  2. Websites
  3. Chrome Extension

You can use resources that you like and then start learning.

List Of Apps

First I will tell you the names of the apps and then details about them.

  1. Word Of The Day – Daily English Dictionary App
  2. Improve English: Vocabulary
  3. Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep

Word Of The Day – Daily English Dictionary App

Cover art

As the name suggests, from this app you can learn one new word everyday. You can listen that how this word spells. you can see the meaning.

You can also see old words.

There is also an option available from where you can search for any word or select any word to see what it means.

You can also see any random word if you want to do so.

If you think that this app will help you then install and learn one new word every day.

Word Of The Day On Android.

Word Of The Day On iPhone.

Improve English: Vocabulary

Cover art

After installing this app, you can select a course. There are different courses in it such as Vocabulary Builder – Easy, Vocabulary Builder – Advanced and English Idioms etc.

I select Vocabulary Builder – Easy. I see that it gives you cards and in these cards, some words are written and you can learn those words. You can also give a revision test of this course that you have learnt till now if at least 20% of the course is unlocked. All cards or goals will not be unlocked at once. Cards will be unlocked when you receive a notification. 

There are also some other interesting things available in this app. If you are interested in increasing your vocabulary then I will suggest you install this app and check it.

Improve English: Vocabulary On Android.

Improve English: Vocabulary On iPhone.

Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep

Cover art

This app is very easy and simple to use. After installing it, you have to see which words you want to study. These options are available.

  • General Words For GRE and GMAT
  • High School Words For ACT And SAT
  • English Learners Words For TOEFL And IELTS

Each of them includes some more options and each option includes levels.

It will be easy to explain with an example.

So if you click on General Words For GRE And GMAT. These options will be available.

  • Basic Words
  • Intermediate Words
  • Advanced Words

And if you click on Basic Words, 7 levels are waiting for you. 

You can also play with someone in this app. This feature also makes this app very good.

Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep On Android.

Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep On iPhone.

List Of Websites 

First, see which websites can help you to learn new English words everyday.

  1. Vocabulary.com
  2. Dictionary.com


I will guide you to use this website step by step and I am using a desktop computer.

  • Go to Vocabulary.com.
  • Now, click on a random word. And you will see any random word.

  • For example, when I click on a random word, I got this.

  • Now see, you can learn about that word. There is some more information available on this page below.
  • There are more things available on this website and you can check it by yourself if you are interested.
  • You can also make an account on this website.

Visit Vocabulary.com


This website is also helpful if you want to learn a new word every day. You can see a word of the day on their website.

You can click on the word it and can learn about it.

You can also click on word of the day that is on top of the website.

Visit Dictionary.com.

Chrome Extension

Maybe it is surprising for you that I am talking about a chrome extension to learn English words. But actually, there are extensions that can help you. And I will talk about Magoosh Vocabulary Extension.

What does It do?

What I See is that whenever you open a new tab, it will show you a word.

See the picture.

Learn New English Words Everyday using Magoosh Vocabulary Extension

If you do not how to add extensions then comment below, I will guide you

Add Magoosh Vocabulary.


In this post, I tell you about some resources from where you can learn new English words everyday. I talk about some apps, websites and at last, I tell you about one chrome extension.

I hope this post helped you. Share this post with your friends.

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