Are your exams near and you are stressed about maths? Or do you want to learn math because you like it? There can be any reason. And the good thing is that you can learn math by using apps for free. Yes for free. But Which Apps? This is not your problem because I am going to tell you some Apps To Learn Mathematics in this post.

Apps To Learn Mathematics

I will talk about some apps from where you can learn math. So first see the names of the apps to learn maths.

  1. Khan Academy
  2. Math Tests: learn mathematics
  3. Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

Khan Academy

khan academy included in apps to learn mathematics

Khan academy is an application and a website from where you can many things such as maths. There are many math courses available in it such as Kindergarten, Algebra Basics, Trignometry, Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus etc.

I check some math courses and at the last each course there is a course challenge in which they ask you some questions within a time limit. This is good.

The courses that I check not only includes video but also some written instructions, some questions and some quizzes.

Khan Academy will be a good choice if you want to learn math online for free. 

Check Khan Academy Website.

Install Khan Academy On Android.

Install Khan Academy On iPhone.

Math Tests: Learn Mathematics

Cover art

What can you do with this app? This app gives you some math topics and you can learn about them in a written form. I only found written format. And you can also give tests on different math topics. 

You can choose a topic or you can choose your grade when giving tests. You can also create study plans in this app.

You will find some things will be locked in this app and you can not use them so to use them you have to pay.

Install Math Tests: Learn Mathematics On Android.

Install Math Tests: Learn Mathematics On iPhone.

Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

You may guess what this app is about by reading the name. This app is for kids. And it includes very basic math such as Counting, Adding and Subtracting etc.

Install this app for your kid so he can learn simple maths. Or you can also use it by yourself if you want to do so.

Install Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn On Android.

Install Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn On iPhone.

Math Solver App: PhotoMath

Cover art

If you are searching for some math solver app then PhotoMath will help you. You can write a problem by yourself and can see the results or you can take a picture of a math equation using this app and it will tell you the answer. And I think it answers every math problem if it understands it.

You can explore this app by yourself after installing it.

Install PhotoMath On Android.

Install PhotoMath On iPhone.


In this post, apps to learn mathematics, I tell you about some math apps. Install the app that you find suitable for you.

And I suggest that:

  • Install Khan Academy if you are serious to learn maths.

  • Install Math Tests, if you want a simple app from where you can learn math by instructions and can give tests for practice. But I think this app is good if you are a high school student and your grade is in this app.

  • Download Math Kids if you want some kid to learn simple maths.

  • PhotoMath will be helpful if you are searching for answers.

You can also check Youtube to learn maths.

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