You have finished your basic education and now it’s time to choose a major or a degree that will lead to any career. But you are confused about what career is good for you? Or you are going to start a job and think about which career is for you? There can be any reason for thinking about a career.

But This confusion is sometimes very irritating and I experienced it too. There are ways from which you can take guidance on a career that will suit you. And one way is an online career test. And this post is about some career tests online for free. 

List Of Career Tests Online For Free  

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There are many free online career tests are available. Some are available in the form of apps, some as a website and some as a video etc.

And I am going to talk about some career tests websites.

So the websites will be.

  1. Career Hunter
  2. Career Explorer
  3. Your Free Career Test

Career Hunter

The basic test and results are for free. And for more tests and results you have to pay. And for the free test, you can see some career fields that may suit you. It will show you the % match to that field. And also you can see details about the career field.  Actually, it don,t show the exact career for free, it shows the broader field or you can say interest area.  

Like it may show you business and management to you as interest area but not show the specific career in it. To see a career, you have to pay.

In my opinion, this test is good, you should take it if you are interested to see what type of career may suit you. 

It shows the interest area that may actually suit you. 

Visit The Career Hunter

Career Explorer

You can take the test for free and can see the basic report for free. And you can pay and become a member to see the full report and to unlock more things.

I don,t know that is there more tests included when you become a member.

What This Test Can Tell You? 

  • Some of your characteristics.
  • Some careers that may suit you.
  • Few degrees for you and you can unlock all by paying.
  • You can see some details about your career like how to become.
  • And there are some other things on this website.

This website is good. You may see any career that will be new to you. I will advise you to take this test. 

Visit The Career Explorer

Your Free Career Test

There are many tests available on this website. I will only talk about the main test.

After giving answers to some questions, you can see some career fields and interest levels along with it. And you can read some details too. I think they will mention all the basic career fields.

And what I see is that it basically show the main field. And in description or details, it shows some careers or maybe one career. There may be some fields, wherein a description, careers will not be mentioned.

Visit Your Free Career Test and see some other things on their website too.

Will These Career Tests Help You?

Yes, in my opinion, they can help you. But I advise that please do not 100% rely on them. Use them as guidance. They may show a career that you heard about the first time, search about that career.

Don,t choose a career because just any test result says this.


The post is going to end now. And in this post, I tell you about some career tests that may help you in choosing a career. If you just want to take one career test then take the last one.

For career guidance, you can also use some other resources such as Youtube or Quora etc.

Share this post with those friends, who are confused about choosing a career.

If you want another post on career tests, then comment below.

Also, tell us in which career you are and why you choose that career?

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