You may know about google chrome, translate and youtube and you may have them on your phone. But there are many other apps that are available too. And you may know about some of them.

I will talk about some google apps on android.

Google Apps On Android

I will talk about three apps.

  • PhotoScan By Google Photos
  • Socratic By Google
  • Grasshopper: Learn To Code

PhotoScan By Google

PhotoScan By Google Photos, Google Apps On Android

I installed this app and the purpose of this app is very simple. Sometimes, you need a photo of some important document. But when you try to take an image of that document, extra things come up like your bed sheet or table. If that is your problem, this app can help you. It just takes the picture which is in the frame.

After taking a picture, you can also edit that in that app. You can adjust the corners and can rotate the picture.

Install PhotoScan By Google

Socratic By Google

In my opinion, this app is really great. I use this app to see how it works while writing this post. And I like it.

So what is the purpose of this app? To give you answers to different questions.

For example, you can ask Who Is Charles Babbage? And about many different things.

You can ask math questions.

You can ask questions by speaking, taking a picture or by writing a question.

Install Socratic By Google

Note: I will suggest you, do not 100% rely on this app because there can be a wrong answer.

Grasshopper: Learn To Code

Cover art

This app is used to learn to code. There are many programming languages and this app will teach you JavaScript.

Interested in coding, Install Grasshopper.


I hope you liked reading this post and it will be helpful.

I share some apps by google.

Photoscan by google will help you to take photos by cutting extra things.

Socratic will help you to get answers on different things.

Grasshopper will help you to learn JavaScript.

Comment below that which app, you like the most. And if you want another post on google apps then please tell me.

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