If you like to learn online or you want to learn a skill to make progress in your career then take an online course. Don,t worry I am not talking about paid courses. Just take a free course and learn more. Willing To Do Free Online Courses? Check Udemy.

Willing To Do Free Online Courses? Check Udemy

So first let’s see what is Udemy? It is an educational and course website from where you can learn online many skills. There are courses available in it about many things.

You may ask that can I do a free course on Udemy? Yes, Both paid and free courses are available. And in this post, I will talk about only free courses.

Make An Account On Udemy

So now see how to make an account on Udemy on the computer by using these simple steps.

  • Go to Udemy.
  • Click on sign up.
  • Write your name, email and password and click on sign up.
  • Now choose from them according to your choice. After that click on next. I will now click on enter a new field.

  • Now select from them, or click on a skip for now. I will click on a skip for now.

  • Congratulations. Your account is created.

How To Take Free Courses

Now before talking about how to enrol in a course, I will tell you how to see free courses.

Sometimes ago when you search for something there is a free option available in filters on the left side. Now, this option is not available as you can see in the picture.

Now I know two options to see free courses on Udemy.

Number one is just typing on google search about the free course on Udemy then skill you want to learn such as a free course on Udemy WordPress. Just click on any link related to Udemy and see free courses.

Now the second option is to first select a topic from categories. I select WordPress as an example. The link will be https://www.udemy.com/topic/wordpress/

To check free courses just type /free after that link. It will be https://www.udemy.com/topic/wordpress/free

From this link, you can see free courses about WordPress. I try this thing on some links and it works. But first, select a topic from a category. The topic will be the third option when you hover over categories.

Enrol In A Course

It is very simple to enrol in a course. I hope you have done the above steps and I will talk about WordPress as an example. Now go to this page.

You will see some WordPress courses.

free online courses from udemy

Click on any course or if you hover on the course, the option will show you to enrol. I will click on a course.

I have clicked on the first course.

You can preview the course and you can read the course content and reviews etc about the course.

Click on go to courses. Now start taking the course.

You can also take notes. This option is also available by Udemy.

Some Courses

You know how to enrol in a course and how to see free courses. So you can search for any course by yourself.

I will share links to some free courses.

Udemy Free Python Course

Udemy Free Excel Course

Udemy Free WordPress Course

Check any course you want to learn.


I hope this post will help you. Now start learning online for free using Udemy.

I share some things such as what is Udemy? How to enrol in a course and how to check free courses?

Now go to Udemy and start learning if you like to do so.

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