Want to create a Facebook page or think that is it free to create a Facebook page? Yes, it is free and in this post, I will tell you steps on how to create a Facebook page. 

You may want to create a Facebook company page or your personal page. And you will learn how to do it in this post.

Read the post to learn and create your page.

Why You Need A Facebook Page

There can be some reasons that why you need a Facebook Page such as:

  1. To make your brand bigger and famous.
  2. To sell things.
  3. Redirect people to your website.
  4. Share your ideas.
  5. To be famous.

Steps On How To Create A Facebook Page

Now I will tell you how to create a Facebook page step by step.

steps on how to create a Facebook page.

I will guide according to the Facebook website on the desktop.

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Login to your profile.
  • Click on the menu. The first one.

  • This will be open. Click on the page.

  • Now, we have to fill in the details.

  • Write a page name.
  • Choose a category or more than one category.
  • Click on create the page.

  • Now you can add a profile photo and cover photo.

  • After that, click on save.
  • Then if you want, you can connect your Facebook page to WhatsApp. I am not doing it now.

  • Now your page is created. And you can work on it.


I hope this post will help you and now you are able to create your own page. These steps are very simple and I think anyone can create a page.

And secondly, if you find any problem creating your page then comment below this post or contact me, I will help you.

You can contact me using the contact form or contact me on my Facebook page.

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