Getting bored, I think all of us not like this feeling. You may think that there is nothing to do now. But if you have a net then there are many things that can kill your boredom. And in this post, I will talk about some different websites that can kill your boredom. So read this post to get out of this boring feeling and start enjoying.

Getting Bored: List of Websites

  1. Bored Button
  2. Bored Button Games
  3. Google Games
  4. Friv
  5. io Games

Bored Button

The bored button as the name suggests is the website that can kill your boredom. Just go to the website and click on the button and something for example any game will load and you can play it. If you don’t like that particular thing click on the button again and something new will load. So there are games and things available on this website that can kill your boredom.

Bored Button Games

Bored Button Games is available on the play store and app store and there are many games available on it. More than 100 games are available. Some of the games are master chess, connect four and virus attack etc. These are only some examples and many other games are available. If you are interested to install and use this app then click here to install it.

Google Games

Google, anyone who uses the internet most probably is doing many of his searches using google. But do you know that you can also play games by using google. There are two options available one is by using the google play games app on mobile and the second is by using google search. And I will talk about the second option. Just go to google and type google games and then if you just little scroll down then you can see the google doodle archive. and below you can see the list. Click any game to play it.

Getting bored, try google games


If you love online games websites, you probably heard about Friv.  Here you can play many online games for free. And they also post about different things daily, for example, daily puzzles, quote, jokes, facts and some other different things. So if you don,t like searching games then just scroll down on the Friv website and see all these things. Play Friv Games.

io Games
On this website many different games are available and you can kill your boredom by playing them. I don,t know much about .io games but if you love them then check this website. And I think all and if not all some games on this website are of one type. You can understand better by going to the website.

I hope that this post will help you if you are getting bored. And by trying these websites you can kill your boredom
. And if you do not like to try these websites then you can read about how to learn Freelancing onlineOr you can read about wiki-related websites.

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