Programming languages are good. If you have an interest in programming languages. Then you can invest your time in learning a programming language online.

In this post,  I will talk about different resources to learn CSS online for free.

Before reading this post you should know that you should learn HTML to learn and use CSS.

Learn CSS Online For Free

There are many options online to learn CSS online. I will talk about some options and these are:

  1. Through An Application
  2. Through YouTube

Learn CSS Through An Application

The first option is to learn a language through an application. There are  applications you can use to learn CSS online for free. I will talk about these applications:

  1. Programming Hub
  2. Learn CSS

Programming Hub

Learn CSS online free through programming hub

Programming hub is a very good app to learn CSS online for free. There are many courses in Programming Hub. Some are free and some are paid. But don,t worry CSS course is free. I will say that first, you should learn HTML and then learn CSS from Programming Hub. In this app, there is a course, then there is a test to complete the course. You can also get a certificate but you have to pay for it. There is also a section of CSS programs so you can practice.

Programming Hub On  Android.

Learn CSS

It is another option to learn CSS online for free. And its size is also low. This app is developed by Codeliber. You can learn CSS through their course. They will also give examples and you can also practice CSS through this app. You can write CSS code and see its output in the app. There is also a quiz option so you can learn CSS better. I think the main advantage of using this app is that it is very simple and low in size.

Learn CSS On Android

Learn CSS Through YouTube

There are many YouTube channels that can teach you many things. YouTube is a good place to learn many things. I will talk about some YouTube channels that can teach you CSS.

These channels are:

  1. FreeCodeCamp
  2. Tech Gun

Free Code Camp

From this channel, you can learn many things but we will talk about CSS. There CSS course is six hours long. And they say it is a complete course.

The one comment about this course is:

I watched whole thing from first to last second, even write down some important things. It is amazing that course like this are free.

This is a link to the video.

Tech Gun

This is another channel that can teach you CSS.  But it is in the Hindi language. I personally learn some HTML from this channel and I think it is a good channel to learn CSS.

The one comment about this course is:

ive watched almost 4hrs content and so far its best for css .. speed and technique and content is best for learning purpose .. one who is beginner must watch this video .. if not understood watch again… and do practice a lot.. this video and creator has almost all you need to know.. thank you so much for the video.. LIKED and Subscribed .. ALL THE BEST

You can watch the video by clicking here.


If you like to learn programming languages then you can learn CSS. But first, learn HTML. CSS can be very helpful for your HTML file. I hope this post will help you. Share this post with those friends who want to learn CSS.

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